I love photographs because of the feeling I get when a photograph really reaches me.  If a photograph can speak to me on an emotional or intellectual level, it’s as meaningful to me as going to a great movie.  A really good photo can tell you a story or state an opinion and it can do it in one frame of image.  I draw a lot of inspiration from the photographers who came before me and some of their vision can be seen in many of my works.


I have been in the art of photography for a very long time, long enough to remember what it’s like to work with chemicals and paper under a safelight.  I have come up in the age of digital media and, while I still occasionally delve into the more traditional processes for fun, my operation is completely modern.  I am diverse in my experience among the various types of photography, including but not limited to traditional portraiture, fashion & glamour work, landscape & architecture photography, food & product photography, and industrial & corporate photography.  My work has been used in marketing campaigns, catalogs, websites and other various media across the board for a variety of industries.  I also do a lot of portfolio building work for perspective models and business people.