Shelby in Green

I met Shelby through the industry network in Madison.  At the time, she was just getting into “the business” of modeling, doing tests for local photographers and finding work as a promotional model.  Since then, she has come into her own, booking a lot more gigs with designers, walking the runway and getting more steady promotional work. […]

Fans, big and small

This was a particularly interesting job for me.  It involved me working on-site at a manufacturing plant for industrial fans.  The size of the products ranged from accessories the size of a microwave to whole units as big as a small car, and styling the products involved tables, fishing line, a lot of gaffer’s tape and […]

Who wants cake?

I was hired by a delightful client to photograph product for her growing cake-making business.  This would be my first foray into the world of commercial food photography and I was excited at the opportunity, especially since I would be dealing with cake.  The client was extremely talented in her particular trade and we enjoyed an afternoon of […]